B-lite Breast Implants

Up to 30% lighter than traditional breast implants, B-lite breast implants dramatically reduce gravitational stress, on the breast soft-tissue, as well as retain shape and form in the long term.

One of the reasons why breast implants are unpredictable and can cause problems long term is that their weight applies constant stress to the tissues which can result in ptosis, bottoming out, wrinkling, palpability and visibility.

B-Lite implants minimise potential future complications by combining well known and clinically proven materials in an innovative way to provide natural fullness, feel and strength without the burden of extra weight.


Keep the look and feel you want with up to 30% lighter implants


Based on technology used by NASA


The World’s first and only lightweight breast implant

Microspheres are the magic ingredient

By permanently bonding tiny hollow spheres in the medical grade silicone gel B-lite implants are up to 30% lighter than the equivalent all-silicone implants. The microspheres are very strong – they easily withstand pressures experienced during flights and diving.

Keep your active lifestyle

The tissues composing the breast naturally lose their elasticity over time, making them increasingly susceptible to the relentless force of gravity. More weight results in more stretch.

The reduction in weight will directly reduce the stress on your breasts, potentially improving your comfort, especially when doing sports and leisure activities.