Short scar facelift

Short scar facelifts are an alternative to the more traditional approach, and involve removing a smaller amount of skin and less contouring. As the name suggests, short scar facelifts leave only a small scar in front of the ear, which rotates gently around the earlobe.

The ideal facelift should make enough changes to make us happy, and leave no marks. However, in life, ideal remains a wish and a guidance, that we strive for.

In cosmetic surgery, a lot of efforts are going into keeping scars to a very minimum, and hiding them in the most intelligent way. For the patients that are looking for a gentle maintenance operation to remove the early signs of the passage of time, it is possible to adopt a more limited approach, which has the advantage of quicker recovery and less extensive scars.

The operation relies on contouring of the deeper tissues of the cheek, the so-called SMAS layer, which makes the reshaping more natural and better ability to contour the face compared to a simple skin redraping.

Typical short scar face lift patients

Short scar facelifts represent a good indication only for a select group of patients.

It is best suited for patients in their late 30s or early 40s, but in instances where there is very little sun damage or the skin has naturally stronger elasticity, it can be a useful procedure even later in life.

Preparing for short scar facelift surgery

Every patient will have undergone a full consultation with Paul so that patients are made fully aware and comfortable before entering into any surgery.

The hospital where your operation is taking place will provide patients with full detailed written instructions on preparing for surgery.

Short scar facelift surgery is performed under general anaesthetic, which means you will not be prohibited to eat or drink 6 hours prior to the operation.

The operation is usually an overnight stay but can be performed as a day case

Recovery process

Short scar face lifts have the advantage of a quicker recovery with minimal bruising and swelling, and you can expect it to provide a softer and tighter appearance to the lower face and jaw line, and some increased fullness in the cheekbone area.

Price of short scar facelift surgery in Bristol

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